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Operating with over 150 buses, Alpetour covers mostly the Gorenjska region with approximately 100 routes, extending to capital city of Ljubljana and covering some of the important international (Belgrade, Poreč) and long distance (Vršič, Piran) routes. Alpetour operate services link the international airport Letališče Brnik with Ljubljana and the »capital« city of Gorenjska region Kranj.

Departure guide shows regular route services leaving the city/town. It includes information about bus fares, bus stops and is fully equipped with timetable.

Show general timetable:

Short instruction how to use browser: 

  • insert first letters of the place you want to travel from and to
  • choose the place (bus station) from the list
  • insert the date  
  • enter the selction

There are only times of Alpetour buses. Browser also show price, route (click on the time of departure) and journey time.


Platforms at Kranj bus station.pdf ( 127 KB )

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